Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hickory, North Carolina... the Wizard Lounge

June 2005
Potter-Belmar Labs at the Wizard Lounge
Hickory, NC

Projexorcism invited us to their town, Hickory NC, after the Tournament in Knoxville.

We played an old biker bar, the Wizard Lounge, between punk rock sets.
It definitely took me back to the Day when I was publishing my 'zine Dead Fish Month by Month.

(L to R) Nicholas Sorlein, Phase (Projexorcism), futureWorkerGirl, spokeNine, and Meximese (in front)

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elray said...

Looking back, this rates in the top 5 gigs of all time for me. The aggro punk vibe that I tuned into felt like I was awakening a sleeping dragon.