Thursday, August 10, 2006

Potter-Belmar Labs at Salon Mijangos

Saturday August 12, 2006
Salon Mijangos
1906 S. Flores, San Antonio TX

"Potter-Belmar Labs has already shredded the contemporary-videoart envelope beyond recognition, but the San Antonio duo will try to top their previous accolades ("blows away your expectations of new media" is oft-quoted) Saturday at Salon Mijangos with an improvised video-and-music performance narrated by the audience's collective (sub)conscious".

- Elaine Wolff

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PBL played 2 sets Saturday night to full houses, albeit an intimate space.

We solicited & projected (on an overhead projector)* intertitles from the audience on which we then based the structure of each set.

It was a great challenge, forcing us to find new ways of connecting our materials together that we never would have thought of.

Audience members became engaged beyond the level passive observer, more committed due to the direct input, and never quite knowing when/if/how thier contribution might be used.

*note the second photo below; the intertitle is visible in the upper-left: "On a reluctant persute (sic) for closure"

Shots courtesy of Justin Parr of Flight Gallery

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