Saturday, May 26, 2007

LOOP Barcelona: Buried Treasure

The city has become the backdrop for a giant scavenger hunt. Each day I follow clues in search of precious booty. Somtimes the signs lead to genuine gold, sometimes to costume jewelry, and sometimes to a dead end. Three ingredients contribute to the enigmatic nature of this undertaking. First, major portions of Barcelona are simply inscrutable, such as the old city. Its a maze of small and crooked streets leading to even smaller and crooked-er ones, which are often depicted on the map with the wrong name or without any name at all. Second, the Spaniards are not known for punctuality, or for necessarily holding to any time-frame, published or otherwise. And finally, the printed LOOP program, besides being 60 pages long with no index or all-encompassing organizing principle, is all in Castilian, which I have studied for one semester only.

Moored in a state of disorderly pursuit, at least I have an anchor!

Tune in for more about the video art soon!


Jason said...

"Moored in a state..."
Is Catalonia a formerly Moorish state?
If so, that's a very punny.

Anonymous said...

i don't know how i got here but i did. Hey potter bellman rocks lab this video cosmonaut. I heard from jason about the trial in barcelona. thanks for the unnerving determination. you the best.

andale en luz.