Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sandy Loam Rides Again

Artpace invited me to participate in their annual "Chalk It Up" street fair event. Time for me to reveal some of my secret identity in a community where everyone knows me as the New Media Gal. How I enjoyed the attention of passers-by! Regular ol' people able to relate to a regular ol' drawing... well, it's not stricly representational, but it sure ain't abstract. It didn't just catch peoples' eye, but made them wonder what was up with this crazy eye here in the midst of this 'normal' face!? Whenever that funny question "What is the meaning?" came up, I'd just turn it back on the asker... and it turns out that its not really that complicated to uncover a metaphor upon which to extrapolate.

Well, I'm just happy to draw. To be inside of drawing with no advanced technological equipment standing between me and the process, no explanations to a perplexed audience necessary... that is a beautiful freedom.

A few years ago... well, actually over a dacade ago, there was the Speedboat art gallery on Selby Avenue in St. Paul, MN. Paul Dickensen who ran the joint claimed that it was a cover for the the basement rock club... or maybe vice-versa. Its been so long now that I forget the real story. But needless to say, Paul D was a very down-to-earth kind of guy, the opposite of the type of folks you run into over in the Chelsea scene, for example.

He had a regular "Cheap Art Sale" and one time I put up a bunch of "Sandy Loam's" drawings for $10 apiece-- they were all in these cheap gold-colored frames, but framed nonetheless. A regular ol' guy from the Selby neighborhood came on in and ended up walking out of there with one of my/Sandy's drawings! That was the greatest! I think I earned a lot of respect from Paul that day.

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