Monday, November 12, 2007

Jason won the bowling trophy!

Rick Fredrick, official announcer

The Sala Bowl/Sala Diaz fundraiser was a very fun evening at Hermann and Sons. The place was fully activated with artists and art-lovers having a great time bowling. Wish I had shot some pictures of the bowling pins up for silent auction--
some notables:
Chris Sauter built a mini-satellite dish out of plastic pieces carved from the surface of the pin, then re-attached it on the side of the pin. Precious and clever.
Jesse Amado's pin wore a few layers of beaded fringe-- very sexy.
And Riley Robinson embedded a video i-pod inside his pin, displaying an image of a bowling ball rolling down the lane. There were two pages of bids on his piece by the end of the night-- Video art is selling in San Antonio.

All bowling-pin artists were given half the proceeds of the sale, with the rest going to Sala Diaz. (YAY)

Check out the award-winning style that stole the Sala Bowl bowling prize!

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Anonymous said...

actually, the entire sale of the bowling pins went to sala diaz. The sale of the works in the accompanying show at sala diaz were split with the artists.