Friday, July 13, 2007


Documenta was really swell. The BBB hostel where I stayed made the experience really special. A hard-working young woman named Wina has creatd this just for Documenta this one time. She is using her father's house to host 20 people a night-- everyone there for the exhibition. 20 E per night includes a solid breakfast to get you off on the right foot each day.

my picks:

the beautifully shot and editied video from the Simon Wachsmuth installation "Where We Were Then, Where We Are Now," documenting what appears to be a trainnig session for the whirling dervishes

the placement of the Paul Klee painting "Angelus Novus" on the first landing of the main stairs into the main exhibition

Tanaka Atsuko's Electric Dress

the photograph of Dobromierz sitting in the toilet from the series "Activities with Dobromierz" by KwieKulik, Thseng Yu-Chin's "Who's Listening" video, and the dialogue created by situating these works across from each other

Guy Tilliam's "Congo Democratic" series

the Lu Hao scroll of Chang'An Street, which brough to mind Ruscha's "Every Building on the Sunset Strip"

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