Sunday, July 15, 2007

Passau Gigs

1. Josh Amrhein directs McSweeney's Readers Theater with students at the University of Passau
Images and sounds accompany short stories adapted for reader's theater in this production that is the brainchild of Josh Amrhein. I contributed a series of images for 'The Ceiling,' by Kevin Brockmeier.

Josh Amrhein at the door of the Ambulante Gallery

2. Freestate Freestyle: Texas meets Bavaria
an A/V performance improvisation by me and Albert Dambeck

Ambulante Gallery and Joshua Amrhein present an audio-visual evening with the electronic sounds of Albert Dambeck and video images of Leslie Raymond.

Imagine a DJ with a video mixer instead of two turntables. With two crates full of moving pictures instead of records.

What you get: moving tapestries.
And every musician Leslie Raymond works with adds a new soundrack.
And every performance is the first and last of its kind.

Albert Dambeck is a composer and musician. His main theme is music in Just Intonation. That is the creation of sounds and tones according to the overtone series. His instruments are contrabass, guitars, voice and electronics.

Leslie Raymond is an artist from San Antonio, Texas working in live cinema and video installation forms. She is one-half of the A-V group Potter-Belmar Labs, whose video work screened during Kunstnacht in Passau in 2005.

Ambulante Galerie
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ambulante gallery

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