Wednesday, March 18, 2009

highlights from LA: particularly great moments

Bree Edwards (Be Johnny) and Roy, Los Angeles in the background

Fat Tuesday dinner at Jenna & Oliver's place (M&A)... with old friends Matt Bakkom and Claire Didier, and new friend Sarah Beetle, who its taken too long to finally meet! Jenna made this awesome gumbo pictured above, and Sarah made the rest of the delicious meal-- some fancy chicken that took a day and a night to cook, only to melt in the mouth like ice cream, but served hot... and an amazing chocolate cake to round it out.

Bree & I went to see Deborah Stratman present her new piece "O'er The Land," along with a couple other short works, at Redcat Theater.  This was a real treat! I was at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in experimental film (for a little over a year) when Deborah was there, but I doubt she would remember me. Looking forward to seeing her piece again at the Ann Arbor Film Festival next week!!

Anjali Gupta, Jay, Patricia Olynyk, and Robert Girou... a nightcap at the hotel bar. Awesome to unwind from the week in utter silliness with these great pals.

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