Sunday, March 08, 2009

PBL @ "Sala Diaz Is Open," Feb 13

As usual, as soon as the semester began, time and energy evaporated for tending to my beloved online journal. With spring break here, I'll attempt a scattershot approach to updating some of my recent activities.

John Mata invited PBL to contribute to "Sala Diaz Is Open."  Here is a link to Mark Jones' SA Current coverage on John's project, written at the beginning of of the month-long occupation-- the thing that it does not talk about (because it hadn't happened yet) was the life-blood of live performance that charged the place every weekend. This includes a sound performance by Berlin-based Annette Krebs, local artist Randy Wallace's action (read Sarah Fisch's coverage here), as well as a night of our live cinema improv.

We set up across the street in the red van, pointed 4500 lumens of vjFutureWorkerGirl moving light and image and 900 watts of spokeNine ambient sound collage at Sala Diaz.  The Brothers Boyd were inside, mixing dubstep. In the middle of the street was the sweet spot where the soundscape opened into another dimension. 

I had spent the day gathering up images from the local environs to mix up with my general library. Beto Gonzales summed it up when he asked, rhetorically: "Is this Southtown dreaming itself?"

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